Crocheted Animal Teethers


Our crocheted animal teethers, made from soft and absorbent cotton wool and featuring a natural wooden ring, offer a multi-textured and engaging teething experience for your baby while providing a safe and gentle solution for soothing their sore gums.


Our crocheted animal teethers are handmade with high-quality materials that are safe and gentle for your baby’s delicate mouth. The teether features a cute and cuddly animal design that your baby will love to chew on, and is made from soft and absorbent cotton wool that feels comfortable against their gums. The teether also comes with a wooden ring that provides a different texture for your baby to explore, adding an extra level of interest and stimulation. This multi-textured teething toy is perfect for soothing your baby’s sore gums and keeping them occupied. With their durable construction, easy-to-clean cotton wool, and natural wooden ring, these crocheted animal teethers are the perfect choice for parents looking for a safe and engaging teething toy for their baby.


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