Animal Ear Teethers


Featuring a combination of soft and safe materials, including crocheted animal ears and a wooden ring, our eco-friendly teethers provide natural relief for sore gums while also stimulating your baby’s senses with their playful design.


Our crocheted animal ear teethers are the perfect combination of fun and function for your teething baby. Each teether is thoughtfully crafted with soft and safe materials, featuring a playful animal design with textured ears that massage and soothe sore gums. Made from cotton wool and eco-friendly wooden rings, our teethers provide a natural and gentle solution for teething discomfort. The easy-to-grip wooden ring allows your baby to hold and chew on the teether with ease, while the crocheted design adds a touch of charm to any baby’s outfit. Easy to clean and maintain, our crocheted animal ear teethers are a must-have for any parent looking to make teething a little bit easier for their little one.


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